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Health and Wellness Coaching

So what is health coaching, exactly? In the simplest sense, health coaching is the art and science of communicating with people to  help them achieve self-determined health behavior goals.

In essence, it’s about helping you improve your health by helping you change your health behavior habits.

These behavior changes could be anything from improving the quality of your diet, to managing your weight, to becoming more physically active, to more effectively managing stress, to improving the quality of your sleep. And more.

Coaching has also been shown to be highly effective in helping people with chronic conditions (e.g., hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc.) to establish and adhere to the behavior changes needed to improve their conditions.

An essential element of all coaching processes is something called “guided discovery”. Rather than an “expert” telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, as the coach, my role is to be a knowledgable and benevolent “guide on the side”.

I serve as an ally who collaborates with you on your journey as you explore the options available to you for making doable and sustainable heathy lifestyle changes. 

As a qualified health coach, I couple highly practical communication techniques with an in-depth knowledge of the kinds of evidence-based lifestyle interventions that improve health outcomes.

I’ll provide support and inspiration for you to be successfully accountable to yourself in setting and attaining realistic goals. 

I hold a certification from the American Counsel on Exercise as a Certified Health Coach. This is one of the few health coaching certifications that is approved by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the gold standard of health and fitness certifications.

As a coach, I have genuine empathy and curiosity, accepting you just as you are, respectfully, and without judgment. Listening to you wholeheartedly is my top priority. The coaching process is designed to help you make your own case for exactly why, and how, you wish to change.

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Personal Fitness Training

Fitness is one of my passions. All of my work teaching exercise and movement is informed by the constructive principles of the Alexander Technique. This enables me to teach you to exercise in a way that is in cooperation with your human design, optimizing safety, efficiency and success.

Though I was originally certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer some years ago, I have since moved toward the study and application of “functional training”. This approach improves upon and integrates the components of optimal fitness, including strength, balance, mobility, endurance, cognition and coordination.

I also currently hold a certification from the Functional Aging Institute as a Functional Aging Specialist. This knowledge and these skill helps me to design and implement safe, effective, sustainable exercise programs for older adults.

I am also certified by the American Council on Exercise as a Function First Pain-Free Movement Specialist. This work involves the use of corrective exercise interventions to address chronic musculoskeletal pain and/or dysfunction.  

And if you’re already reasonably fit, I can help you reach higher levels of fitness and performance safely and effectively. A former competitive athlete, I still enjoy a robust level of fitness and function, and stay at the forefront of exercise and movement science. 

I aim always to cultivate a safe and enjoyable exercise experience. I’ll custom design a program especially for you, tailored to your specific needs.

I can work with you at my in-home exercise studio, or for an additional fee, I can come to your location.

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Alexander Technique Lessons

Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help you do whatever you do, better. The Technique can help you move and access healthy posture with less strain, and with greater confidence and satisfaction.

Whether you’re working at a computer, hammering a nail, cooking, walking, exercising, speaking, or playing a musical instrument, you can use the Alexander Technique to optimize your experience.

As I work with you, using a gentle, hands-on guidance and clear verbal instruction, you’ll learn to recognize and change the postural and movement habits that might be interfering with your built-in, natural poise.

Because you carry out most of these habits unconsciously, they can be difficult to discern on your own. But the Alexander Technique provides a useful tool for you to notice and replace these unhelpful, unconscious habits with healthy, constructive, conscious choices.

The Alexander Technique is applicable to any human activity. It is completely safe to learn, and is useful to people of all ages. Not only can it help you find more ease and comfort in your body, but it can also help you live your life in a less stressful, more constructively mindful way.

I’ve been teaching this work both privately and institutionally since 2006, and continue to apply it daily as the foundation of my healthy lifestyle.

I’m certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique, having completed the required 1620 hours of formal training over a three-year period at The Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles.

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