Here’s what a few of my satisfied clients are saying about their experience working with me.

“When I began work with Bill, everything changed for the better. I knew I could become more active in my life and address all my fears and concerns. Bill is a very gifted teacher whose knowledge of the body comes from many sources.  You know you have found a good teacher when the teacher is always engaged in his own learning.  He is a generous person who is tireless in sharing his understanding and compassion.  He is also very insightful and possesses an ability to make those insights clear to others. I will always be grateful for the happiness I gained from his guidance. I am so grateful to have found a new sense of well being in my body and mind.”

Marsha Cifarelli, Special Education Instructor

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Bill and the skills he has empowered me with to improve the quality of my life.”

Dr. Lane Ochi, DDS

“Bill has helped me feel so much better on a day-to-day basis! The sessions with him are like a tune up for both body and mind. I have the same feeling of ease and lightness that I have after having a massage, with the added benefit of learning to move more easily. I leave the sessions feeling calm, peaceful and clear thinking. Bill’s deep sense of joy and his vast knowledge of the human body make the sessions fun.”

Olivia O’Hare, Pilates Instructor, Dancer

“I used to have so much tension in my lower that back I could barely stand for longer than 5 minutes without serious discomfort.  Thanks to my work with Bill, standing is now a pleasurable experience. I feel taller, lighter, stronger and more aware of how I relate to my surroundings.”

Anthony Exter,  Architect, Anthony Exter Landscape Design

“One of the best things about working with Bill is that he has no agenda. He always listens and pays attention to what I need, and what I want to work on. Then he gently uses his skills to help me get to where I want to go. Very rare to find somebody like him. these days.”

Carrie Adkins, Accountant, Retired

“Bill is a mentor and a teacher of the highest caliber.” 

Lorraine Kreuz, Actress and Singer

“Bill Plake is an extraordinarily gifted teacher! He listens well, is patient, caring, humorous, (that really helps!) and is vastly knowledgeable and flexible in his approach. Highly recommended!” 

Julie Conner, Educational Consultant

“Bill already seems to know what is going on in my mind and body the moment I step through the door, but his gentle approach allows me to make the discovery, and that experience is far more impactful than him telling me. He has a seeking spirit and is very passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge. Bill’s fascination with the potential of human thought and movement allows him to inspire these concepts to life through practical experiential exercises with his clients.”

Jennifer Huang, Professional Actor and Life Coach

“I love my work, and now that I have incorporated Alexander Technique training into my routine I know that I will be physically, and subsequently mentally, able to continue my profession for many more years to come while avoiding many common work related repetitive stress injuries. Quite honestly, Alexander Technique training with Bill Plake is the best health related investment I have ever made in myself. I’ve never felt better and more comfortable in my body. Thanks, Bill! “

Geoff Sykes, Piano Technician

“It has been my good fortune to study the Alexander Technique with a few of the best teachers in the country (on both coasts), and Bill Plake is certainly to be counted among them. His empathy is unparalleled, his own technique is superb, and his vast knowledge is constantly renewed by an insatiable curiosity.”

George McMullen, Professional Musician

“Trying to get back into shape in my 50s after years of being out of shape seemed like such a steep challenge that I almost gave up on the idea. Thankfully, I found Bill. His patience and encouragement, combined with his skills, experience and treasure chest of knowledge made me feel both at ease and inspired from day one. Everything with him is about working toward my goals one small step at a time. I’m now stronger and healthier than I’ve been in years. And as bonus, no more chronic back pain!”

Joe Cordone, Carpenter, Retired

“I have learned so much from Bill at these fun and informative lessons. The principles of the Alexander Technique make a lot of sense from a physical therapy perspective. The sessions have improved my body awareness and ability to recognize and prevent habitual patterns that have been causing my back and knee pain.”

Lori DeRome, Licensed Physical Therapist

“As over a year-long client of Bill Plake’s, I cannot say enough about how much help to me he has been! I would recommend him to anyone, musician or otherwise who wants to expand their awareness of the best use of their bodies in any context.”

John Dickson, Professional Studio Musician and Film and Television Composer