What can I expect at my first fitness session?

This will largely depend upon three things:

  1. Your current level of fitness
  2. Your previous experience (if any) with exercise
  3. Your current medical status (chronic conditions, joint pain, etc.)

We usually begin with a brief discussion to define and clarify your fitness goals, as well as discuss any medical conditions or other concerns you might have. We’ll also discuss the impact that any medications you’re taking might have upon your exercise program and safety.

Once we’re clear on your goals, I’ll do a fitness and movement assessment, in order to help me determine not only where and how it’s safe to proceed, but also if you need any particular corrective or restorative exercise prescriptions.

From there we’ll begin with some gentle mobility exercises and movement preparation in order to warm you up and get you ready for what’s next. That could be some gentle corrective exercises, including trunk (core) stabilization and mobility, as well as learning some of the basic movement skills you’ll need as your exercise program develops. We’ll work on hinging at the hips, lunging, reaching your arms, rotation, etc., all with safety and efficiency as top priority.

And again, please remember that if you have absolutely no experience with exercise, that you are in the right place. I’ll patiently, lovingly and clearly explain and demonstrate everything you need to know to your satisfaction. I absolutely love teaching movement and exercise!

If you already have experience applying these movement skills in exercise, we’ll probably progress toward doing some resistance work (body weight, dumbbells, bands, etc.), employing multi-joint exercises, balance modalities, etc.

No matter where you are with your previous fitness experience, we’ll end the session with some light cool down work, including gentle whole body movements, balance explorations, light stretching, directed breathing, and self massage. The aim is to leave the session feeling better than when you came: lighter, more energetic and optimistic.