What happens at a typical Alexander Technique lesson?

In an Alexander Technique lesson I employ a gentle touch, along with clear verbal directions, to help you become aware of habitual movement patterns that might be interfering with your natural balance, coordination and overall movement function. Along with this awareness, you learn to prevent these interfering patterns while being gently guided to discover freer, easier and more natural movement.

The nature of the work is in facilitating your discoveries about yourself, your habits, your human design, your quality of attention and more, to help you take ownership of your own growth and improvement. I always aim to create an atmosphere of exploration, curiosity, gentle humor, clarity and joy.

During the lesson, I will work with you in everyday activities such as sitting, standing, walking, breathing, speaking, bending and reaching. By improving the coordination of how you engage in these simple, everyday movements, you’ll begin to cultivate easier, safer and more pain-free movement and postural habits. We will also explore and improve upon your overall balance with safe and gentle explorations and activities.

If you’re interested in exercise and fitness, we can also explore and improve upon the fundamental movement patterns involved in most exercise disciplines. And of course, if you would like to apply what you’re learning to other specific activities (like sitting at a computer, playing a musical instrument, prepping food for supper, or virtually anything else you like!), we’ll most certainly do that.

The end of each lesson is usually devoted to the restorative aspects of the work, sometimes referred to as “constructive rest”. This takes place while you lie down on a bodywork table as I employ gentle, guided movement and verbal cuing to deepen your observational skills. We’ll also explore constructive strategies to help you apply what you’ve learned, and how to take care of yourself outside of the lessons, so that you can function better in any activity you engage in.

The work is typically done without wearing shoes, as this enables your feet to more easily gather important sensory information. Loose fitting, comfortable clothes are recommended.

The Alexander Technique is safe to learn and apply, and aims to encourage easier, more balanced and natural movement, always in cooperation with your human design and your desires.