What happens in a health coaching session?

In a typical health and wellness coaching session, you and I will constructively discuss and explore doable options for improving your health behavior habits. These habits might include becoming more physically active, adopting a more healthful diet, managing your stress levels, improving your sleep, adhering to your physician’s advice to manage a chronic condition, or just about anything else you’d like to improve upon.

Or maybe you simply want to explore the possibility of living a “healthier” life, but don’t know where to begin. At our first session, we might start by examining and briefly discussing the questionnaires you filled out after our free 15 minute phone Q and A, then go from there.

By asking strategic, powerful questions, and listening wholeheartedly to you, I’ll help you clarify and define your goals. You’ll uncover what is most important to you with respect to your values and priorities, and you’ll discover the motivation you already have within yourself to change.

We’ll address any ambivalent feelings you might have about changing a particular habit, openly discussing your pros and cons for, or against, making a change. We’ll talk about any barriers or obstacles that could make change difficult, and how you might get around them or manage them effectively.

We’ll also work together to help you recognize and leverage your strengths, calling into action the qualities you already have that have served you in the past. You’ll find yourself making your own compelling case for why, and how, you’d like to change.

Once you become clear about what you want (or if you were already clear before our first session), we’ll brainstorm strategies to help you get to where you’d like to be, one manageable step at a time. I’ll help you come up with your own game plan, one that has success, support and flexibility built into it. You’ll learn how to be constructively and kindly accountable to yourself.

As we continue the sessions, we’ll work together to keep you on course for continued success, adjusting the plan as needed. This includes techniques for self-monitoring, leveraging social support, and having contingencies in place in case there is a disruption in the plan. Each session we’ll check in with the previous week’s plan to see what is working for you, and what (maybe) isn’t.

I’ll be your dedicated and benevolent partner and guide, working alongside you on your path toward improving your health.

As a health and wellness coach, I can help you:

  • evoke motivation to change your health behavior habits.
  • develop achievable and measurable goals to monitor success and cultivate ongoing motivation necessary for sustained change.
  • better understand and apply the principles of healthy nutrition and food preparation.
  • understand and apply the fundamentals of healthy physical activity and exercise guidelines.
  • explore and implement mindfulness options for more effectively addressing stress.
  • clarify and cultivate healthier sleep behavior habits.
  • more specifically understand the effect of constructive lifestyle interventions on general health and well being, as well as on how they impact chronic conditions.

Here’s what is outside of my scope of practice as a health and wellness coach:

  • Any kind of counseling, therapy, consulting
  • Specific nutrition prescriptions or specific dietary meal plans
  • Any kind of medical assessment, diagnoses, or advice.
  • Laboratory evaluations and assessments
  • Diagnoses or treatment of any kind of mental illness
  • Recommendation of supplements

I’ll never tell you what to do in any of our sessions. You’ll also never have to do anything you hate doing in order to change your habits (that is simply unsustainable, and ultimately unhelpful) . Lasting changes come from your own motivations, from your own reasoning and values.

“If you’re arguing for change, and your client is arguing against it, you have it exactly backwards.”

William R. Miller, on Motivational Interviewing