About Me

A lifelong athlete, and fitness and nutrition enthusiast, I’m keenly aware of the impact lifestyle behavior has on health. Certified in 2006 as an Alexander Technique teacher, and in 2009 as a personal fitness trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I have since continued to study exercise science, functional movement, fitness, nutrition, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and kinesiology as they relate specifically to improving the quality of life for aging populations. In addition to this, I continue to study and apply the highly practical principles of positive psychology used in health and wellness coaching.

I’m also a cancer survivor, and have had the direct experience of applying lifestyle medicine interventions (nutrition, fitness and mindfulness stress reduction) in order to vastly improve my quality of life after surgery, during my one-year treatment cycle, as well through my post-treatment phase. 

Now in my mid-60s, I currently enjoy a high level of wellness and fitness, and especially love and engage regularly in road cycling, running, and integrated functional training (exercises to improve strength, endurance, balance, coordination, agility, mobility, cognitive capacity, etc.) I also enjoy exploring other mindful movement disciplines, such as Yoga, Feldenkrais work and Qigong.

My other passion is playing and teaching music. I’m a former professional saxophonist and composer, and continue to practice my art daily. I also coach musicians and other performing artists both privately and institutionally, and write and compose music-learning materials for advanced-level improvising musicians. If you’re a musician interested in finding out more about how I might be able to help you, take a look at my blog, Bill Plake Music.

I’m also married to a kind, beautiful and deeply supportive wife, and am blessed with two wonderful children, with whom I cherish spending as much time as possible. My wife and I both love food, and enjoy discovering and cooking sinfully delicious, but healthy, meals together. 

My Philosophy

My philosophy and approach in all my work is based upon a deep benevolence for the people I serve, always respecting their autonomy, their values, and emphasizing and mobilizing their strengths. I aim always to meet my clients right where they are, with acceptance, without judgment, and with unconditional positive regard for their well-being and safety. 

My Aim

I’d like to collaborate with you, helping you to Iive optimally. Whether that means moving and sitting without pain, becoming more physically active, managing your stress levels, more effectively managing any chronic conditions, increasing your energy, or simply moving toward a sustainable healthy lifestyle, it would be my honor to serve you.

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