How many coaching sessions will I need?

The answer depends mostly upon your needs, the complexity and clarity of your goals, along with your current readiness to change.

But generally speaking, after the initial session (which will be longer and a bit more involved than a typical session), the minimum amount needed to gain some solid benefits would be four sessions over a one month period (one session per week on the same day and time for one month). From there you’ll have a good idea of how many more sessions you might need, if any.

The ideal would be twelve lessons over a three-month period. This allows ample time to both establish clear and doable goals, as well as to monitor and adjust to keep you on track for the long run.

If after either a four-session or twelve-session package you wish to continue, I also offer single sessions as well as the packages of four and twelve. (Single sessions are available only after taking the initial consultation along with a minimum of four additional sessions.)